A blockchain platform that optimizes supply chains

Unlock the full potential of your factory workforce with blockchain technology. With an immutable and secure ledger system, you can track and verify the performance of each worker in real-time, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every task. Say goodbye to manual errors and paper-based systems, and hello to streamlined processes and increased productivity. Upgrade your factory operations today with the power of blockchain.

  • Blockchain patent pending blockchain ensures every transaction is secure and verifiable.
  • Built to scale our high speed ledger and machine learning capabilities can meet the demands of any size organization while providing valuable insights and optimizations.
  • Modular structure providing the ability to pick the features and integrations that work best for your business.

Why Green Data?

Modern Solutions to digital age problems

Green Data applies a novel application of proprietary blockchain technology to ensure all of your data is 100% validated and secure.

Our platform connects the critical pieces of the distribution network so that the right products are produced and sold at the right time, everytime.


General ecosystem

Guaranteed uptime, bloclchain traceability, on demand scaleability, product / inventory management, and user management.


Realtime reporting available when and where you need it, at cloud scale powered by Microsoft Azure.


Track purchase orders, sales orders, inventory loss, and operations costs and utilize our analytics engine to predict demand and optimize operational cost. With integrations available to many leading platforms like, Square, QuickBooks, and Taxjar our platform takes the stress out of managing your finances.

Machine Learning

Advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms dramatically improve demand and sales forecasting, ordering and inventory optimizations, and provide real time alerts for fraud.


Our patent pending blockchain ensures every transaction is anchored and immutable with the ability to view every alteration and actor in real time while providing cryptographically secured proof of each actor's authenticity.


Know the who, what, when, where and why of every aspect of your supply chain, traceability and identity are at the heart of every transaction within the Green Data platform.

Mobile app

Green Data Mobile

Introducing our blockchain enabled mobile app, the ultimate solution for factory workers looking to improve their accuracy and efficiency on the job. With our app, workers can easily access real-time data and information, streamline communication between team members, and automate repetitive tasks. This not only increases productivity and reduces errors, but also provides workers with more time to focus on more important tasks. Upgrade your factory's operations today with our innovative blockchain enabled mobile app.

Traceability & Security


Users and systems are registered on the blockchain through the Green Data soft wallet (similar to Coinbase).


Users and systems are identified for every transaction and information request, the request and succesfull or failed result is logged on and off chain.


Data processed through the Green Data platform is verified using our decentralised blockchain records, if bad data is identified the platform can be levered to identify potentially bad actors and revert data to an accurate state.